What We Have Done

What We Have Done

  • Provided a Youth Engagement matching grant to Axtell Public School for the purchase of new weight room equipment

  • Collaborated with the Village of Axtell with a letter of support for Trees for Nebraska Towns Grant

  • Facilitated the Modern Woodman Donation

  • Served at the Axtell All American Celebration

  • ​Donated to the Axtell Wildcat Beef Program

  • Donated to to the Axtell Summer Lunchbox Program

  • Exceeded the Wendell Family Challenge Grant

  • Established the Axtell Community Fund Founder's Club 

  • Donated to the Axtell Library for it's challenge grant

  • Completed two surveys of Axtell high school students and conducted a youth visioning meeting with high school class officers

  • Gave zip drive and pen sets to Axtell  seniors

  • Supplied Mosaic employees with muffins for their hard work during the COVID 19 pandemic

  • Participated in Memorial Day festivities

  • Held a number of community visioning and strategic meetings